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This website provides staff and students with access to University of Surrey health and safety information. The term health & safety relates to all aspects of the business of the University that can result in harm to any individual, whether they be employees, students or visitors.

The "Health & Safety Policy Leaflet" contains the University's Health and Safety Policy with a Foreword from the Vice-Chancellor. The Health and Safety Policy sets out the University's commitment to good practice, responsibilities for health and safety, and the standards that the Vice-Chancellor and the Executive Board are determined shall be met.

Health and Safety Policy StatementHealth and Safety Policy Statement
Health and Safety PolicyHealth and Safety Policy
Staff Health and Safety Handbook (October 2013)Staff Health and Safety Handbook (October 2013)
Towards Zero Harm Booklet Towards Zero Harm Booklet

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In the event of serious accident/incident or medical emergency dial 3333, the University emergency number for assistance.

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