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Lone Working

The University recognises that some staff and students will wish to work in the evenings, at night, at weekends or very early in the mornings. Sometimes the work is essential for scientific or technical reasons and sometimes it is because individuals prefer to work at quiet times, to make better use of special facilities, or because they have deadlines to meet in study or research programmes.

In order to work outside normal working hours your University card must be validated to give you access. Permission must be sought from your manger or supervisor in advance of any work being undertaken outside of normal hours. This can be done by filling in the access approval form obtainable from your Health & Safety Advisor. The blue copy of the form will be returned to you. You must show the blue copy of the form to Security staff if they ask to see it. They may also ask you for further identification.

Work involving any hazardous activities for instance in an engineering workshop or laboratory requires extra precautions. All staff, visitors and students who wish to work in a hazardous area must undertake a risk assessment as set out in the Hazardous Working Policy.

If you become ill, feel faint or have an accident you should call security on 3333 and they will summon help or provide assistance to you.

Hazardous Working PolicyHazardous Working Policy
Lone Working Risk Assessment FormLone Working Risk Assessment Form