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St Thomas More

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Our Patron - St. Thomas More

The Patron of the University of Surrey Catholic Chaplaincy is St. Thomas More (1477/1478–1535). He was a humanist scholar, author and statesman. He served King Henry VIII as a diplomatic envoy and as Privy Councillor prior to his election as speaker of the House of Commons in 1523. In 1529 More succeeded Cardinal Wolsey as Lord Chancellor, but three years later he resigned that office over the issue of Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon. He refused to subscribe to the Act of Supremacy, making the King head of the Church of England, and for this he was convicted of high treason and beheaded. He was beatified in 1886 and canonized in 1935 on the four-hundredth anniversary of his death. His feast day is the 22nd June.

Prayer of St. Thomas More

Good Lord,
give me the grace so to spend my life,
that when the day of my death shall come,
though I may feel pain in my body,
I may feel comfort in soul;
and with faithful hope of thy mercy,
with due love toward thee,
and charity toward the world,
I may, through thy grace,
part hence into thy glory.

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