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Equality and Diversity Overview

It’s everybody’s business

It’s not about being politically correct

It’s about treating people with respect

Where does the boundary between being respectful and inclusive and becoming overly Politically Correct lay?

It is interesting that this debate often comes down to our right to express ourselves against our right to be treated with respect; being offensive or taking offence; ‘freedom of thought’ versus the ‘thought police’. Many of the things wrapped up in the term ‘equality and diversity’ are quite clear cut and easily defined by us all in today’s society. And yet many of the issues it covers are rarely that simple, with the dividing lines unspoken and frequently assumed.

That is where thoughtfulness, debate and common sense play their part. By thinking about the issues, and reflecting on the impact on others of what we say and do we can better decide what we feel is appropriate. We can then start to determine how we interact, and subsequently, how our words and actions are perceived by others.

The Equality and Diversity team are there to help and provide advice on these issues. We offer support, and identify and encourage best practice. We aim to engage our University community with the issue of equality and diversity through meaningful debate, an open-minded approach and the provision of training and support.

We will encourage the sharing of ideas, values and understanding across campus to:

·         Maintain open and fair staff recruitment and retention processes

·         Provide learning support that is accessible to all

·         Ensure no one at the University is discriminated against

·         Shape an environment where all people are respected and treated fairly

·         Create a culture that appreciates the benefits of diversity

Equality and diversity is everyone’s business. And we’re in the business of thinking differently.