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University IT Staff Services
IT Accounts 
Details on password, expiry, extension and types of IT Accounts
Find out about your personal and additional email addresses
Supported Workstation 
Modern Range of computing solutions available to Staff
Central Filestore 
Secure & efficient data storage service information
Multi Functional Printer 
Network & Phones 
Find more about Data Networking & Telephone Services
Mobile Phones 
Audio Visual Equipment 
Wide range of Data and Video projectors, Video players and recorders
Learn more about the University's online learning environment
Courses from general introduction to advance level
Software Availability 
Site Licence & Additional Software available for Supported Workstation
Office Moves 
Network, Telephone Extension & Supported Workstation re-location
PC Teaching Rooms 
Learning, Teaching & Research Support Services
Purchasing IT Equipment 
Computing equipment & consumables for your Supported Workstation
PC Maintenance Scheme 
Service offered to non-Supported Workstations
e-Science Certificate 
Available for members of the UK e-Science community
Contact IT User Support
Tel: 01483 68 9898

Report Out of Hours
Major Service Failure:

Tel: 01483 68 9898
Tel: 08007 81 5086

University IT
Austin Pearce Building
University of Surrey

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IT Services offers a wide range of Administrative and Academic computing services to the University. From central Filestore to teaching and learning facilities, IT Services aims to provide high quality facilities and support.

You can find detailed information on all Facilities & Services supplied by IT Services on this site; just follow the links at the left.

Service News

Any interruptions to service due to local maintenance will be announced on the Service News site. Please ensure that you visit it regularly to be aware of current and upcoming breaks. Visit IT Services News to keep up to date with the latest news and updates.

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