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Information for Suppliers

Introduction to the University

The University of Surrey is one of the UK’s leading professional, scientific and technological universities with a world class reputation for excellence in teaching and research. With an attractive and ever-growing campus, it supports students and leading academics in their field. It is a University that recognises academic excellence at the same time as striving to run an efficient business to maximize the services it offers to students, staff and the local community. In this respect the University recognizes and values the significant contribution that is made by its suppliers and seeks to work with the most innovative and competitive firms.

The University spends circa £50m per annum in recurring non-pay spend, across a diverse range of categories and has undertaken a major programme of procurement change. It has a procurement strategy and an established framework for planning and decision making, contract management and measurement.

The process of placing individual orders with suppliers is largely devolved to Faculties & Departments, using an integrated finance system. However the end to end process is closely co-ordinated to ensure that goods & services are ordered and invoices paid promptly, whilst operating within the University’s Finance Regulations & Procurement Policy & Procedures.

The Procurement Department is responsible for ensuring that the best long term value for money is obtained with regards to all goods and services. The Department is responsible for implementing best practice and directly supporting all corporate, high value and strategic procurements.

The University of Surrey is a member of the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium. The University is subject to the various legislation relating to procurement in public sector bodies, particularly the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.