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Centre for Wellbeing
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Centre for Wellbeing

What is wellbeing and what do we do?
The Centre for Wellbeing will promote and develop the awareness of good emotional, psychological and physical health and will highlight the importance of these aspects of all our lives.
Wellbeing has been described by the new economics foundation (nef) as:
....compris(ing) two main elements: feeling good and functioning well. Feelings of happiness, contentment, enjoyment, curiosity and engagement are characteristic of someone who has a positive experience of their life. Equally important for well-being is our functioning in the world. Experiencing positive relationships, having some control over one's life and having a sense of purpose are all important attributes of wellbeing.
We are interested in what leads individuals to lead more sustainable lifestyles as well as developing the necessary resilience for an increasingly complicated world.
Because individuals have widely varying needs we offer a variety of opportunities to work with you. This ranges from a single brief discussion through to taking part in an ongoing group. We will help you work out what is best for you.
So whether you have a problem, want to build on your existing strengths and would value some help in thinking about some aspects of your own wellbeing, or you simply want to find out more - then get in touch.
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