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Risk Management at University of Surrey

Welcome to the University of Surrey Risk Management website!

All organisations face increasing demands for better governance and an essential element of any framework for corporate governance is an effective approach to risk management. Risk management is the planned and systematic approach to identifying, evaluating and controlling the wide range of financial, administrative and commercial risks, both internal and external, which threaten the achievement of objectives.

Here at Surrey we have for a long time managed risk successfully, pursuing greater entrepreneurship and exploiting new opportunities, whilst at the same time protecting our reputation and long-term financial and academic viability.

Effective risk management fosters open communications and enables us to improve our decision-making in an increasingly competitive and complex environment. Above all, effective risk management should help us to achieve our strategic objectives by complementing our planning and resource allocation processes at both a strategic and an operational level.

In order to add real value, it is vital that risk management is embedded into our day to day operations so that we can progress towards the achievement of our goals via the most direct, efficient and effective path.

In this website, you should find all the risk management information and contacts you need; we have tried to make it as clear and precise as possible and hope you will enjoy surfing!

The University of Surrey has aspirations to be one of the best organisations in its sector: improving Risk Management will contribute to achieving this objective, enabling the University to move forward in a risk-aware but not risk-averse way and so enabling us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

David Sharkey
Director of Finance